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eCommerce Optimization

eCommerce Optimization
Getting a ton of traffic to your website is great, but getting a ton of conversions is way better!

Most site’s web conversion rates are abysmal – below 2%!

How many steps does it take to get in and out of your site with the product and information a visitor is seeking? Are all paths created equal?

Allow Web By Numbers to optimize your site. We can help you increase your online revenue, attract more customers and expand your reach.

Most popular ways we help our clients with EC optimzation:

Tweak your conversion funnel

We help you think strategically about your conversion funnel even before the cart/checkout point — Are you reaching the right audience? Are you getting quality traffic to your site? Is your call to action compellling? Are enough visitors adding to cart?

Multi-variate and A/B testing

The most effective way to increase conversion rate is to test every important element in the purchase path or conversion funnel. We can help you test everything from ad copy and call to action buttons to product pricing and payment options.

Cart and Check out redesign

We use optimization tools and best practices to minimize distractors, fall out and lost prospects. We move more people through the checkout process faster so that your first-time marketing dollars are most effective.

How we are different

Data — Our dedication to data driven decision making is at heart of everything that we do.