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A leading lifestyle portal for the wedding industry engaged us to revitalize a struggling online marketing program. We arrived to find our client facing increasingly dire challenges on several important fronts:

  • limited marketing budget
  • emerging competitive portals
  • an industry reacting to seasonality
  • chilling macroeconomic environment

Our response

First, it was important to understand our client’s business model and the history of online marketing before our arrival. We learned that revenue was derived from four (4) sources:

  1. online advertising
  2. ecommerce sales of wedding products
  3. co-registration dollars
  4. magazine subscription sales

We also learned our client had already spent the majority of its annual sales and marketing budget to attract leads to the portal even though those leads didn’t convert at the rates they expected.

Leveraging our client’s existing investment in generating leads was vital, making Retargeting a central pillar of our response strategy. Through Retargeting we would be able to re-engage earlier lost prospects who had already expressed interest in our client’s products. By adding retargeting to the marketing mix, our client would be able to stay top-of-mind with its lost prospects and attract them back to complete a sale.


By the end of our 3-month Retargeting campaign, our client enjoyed a 9-to-1 return on investment, that’s $9 in revenue for every $1 spent on advertising.

As a specialty e-commerce store, traffic and gross conversions were not huge compared to mass market e-tailers, but our client’s performance on key value metrics demonstrated the incremental value of the Retargeting campaign.