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Promotion optimization is one of the biggest success factors for beating the competition and improving your conversions.  Retailers spend approx 10% of their total revenue on promotional discounts, yet over 70% of promotions actually lose money.

We have worked with retailers across the globe and have helped our clients squeeze the maximum value from every promotional dollar they spent.  We can provide you with the insights to make promotions a profitable, competitive tool.

Allow Web By Numbers to help by working with you to…

Avoid wasteful promos

Determine which promotions are basket builders to avoid unnecessary discounts that aren’t relevant to consumers

Drive incremental sales

Uncover the true incremental sales over your baseline sales and the real profitability of the promotion 

Manage ROI

The ROI effectiveness of each marketing vehicle used to communicate the promotion 

Measure success

Quantify Promotion Lift by testing promotional activities to develop profitable, fact-based decisions to optimize your ongoing promotional strategy.